Friday, June 20, 2008

Things are looking up!

Thankfully this week has turned around for me before it's over-- I came home yesterday all bummed out about Simba and Tyler being gone, but then I decided I'd better snap out of it because I am not going to spend my summer all depressed.

I studied for my pedo exam which was today (easy!), and cleaned my apartment literally for six hours. We are neat freaks so the place is always clean, but I did some research on feline asthma and saw that if I minimize the allergens in his living space, he won't need as many drugs. Why this didn't occur to me before, I do not know. But I decided to keep the apartment closed up and use the A/C for the rest of the summer, and I vacuumed, dusted, and scrubbed everything in sight. I even cleaned under the bed and found the following, which must have been stashed there by my dog: six highlighters, a pack of flashcards on infectious disease, several dinosaur teeth and a claw, countless tissues and socks, and a bottle of Astroglide (this last provoked a yell of triumph, as I've been wondering where it had gotten to).

So I've only heard Simba have one wheezing fit since I cleaned, and I don't know if it was the cleaning or the prednisone shots, but something's working, so I am thrilled. I can't stand to see him so miserable!

I also found out I got an A on my oral radiology exam (not that it matters, since everything is pass/fail)-- the exam I had to take the day after Tyler left for Germany, so that made me happy too. And this afternoon I'm going to a BBQ at our friends' apartment. I'd better head out for a run first though, since I've eaten approximately 3000 pounds of chocolate since Tyler left and I'm starting to look like I'm with child. Unfortunately none of it has gone to my boobs-- what a rip-off!

Have lovely weekends!

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