Thursday, June 26, 2008

Apartments: this is all happening way too fast

Since we are unexpectedly expanding our family, we are probably going to need something a little bigger than our 700 sq ft 1-bedroom apartment. A washer and dryer would also be a plus. Unfortunately, I have to let our apartment complex know that we are moving out by Monday... but we don't have anywhere to move into yet, and I don't want to leave myself with only 30 days to find a place and move (while Tyler is gone, and I have to take the national boards on July 14)! I guess my family could help me, but I haven't told them about the pregnancy and I'm not planning to until we confirm a heartbeat-- my first appointment is July 18.

Soooo I went and talked to the office here today and they gave me these 3 options:

1) Notify them Monday that we're moving out and be out by July 31.

2) Extend our lease here for one month and be out by August 31 (Tyler would be back to help!).

3) Sign a new lease for 9 months instead of a year (the baby would be about 2 months old when we'd have to find a new place and move).

I have to study for two exams tomorrow, so I can't obsess over this right now, but I am thinking option 2 is the best. I have an appointment at another complex up the street for Saturday, and maybe they'll have something perfect for us that's available in August and then I can take that option... but I am probably dreaming because that would just work out too well. In case you haven't noticed I haven't had the best luck lately (see: unplanned pregnancy. Vomiting this morning for the first time before I've even finished my 5th week. ...That's about it but it seems like way too much to me.)

Anyway, if you've got any advice on the apartment situation, throw it this way...

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