Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dear uterus,

How are you, good? Good. We need to have a little chat. This new nausea and heartburn thing, well, I'm thinking it's a little premature. I have two exams Friday and the national board exam in about three weeks, so I'd really appreciate it if you could hold off on that kind of stuff. Let's face it, you're causing me more than a few problems lately, so early symptoms like this seem a little bit unfair. Okay. Good talk. Smooches. Love, Julia.

So I've been going on and on about how this has been affecting me emotionally (and financially, and academically...), and I haven't bored anyone yet with how it's affecting me physically. I noticed before I even took the test that I was peeing all the time (we're talking twice an hour), which is really unusual for me, but I figured I was just drinking a lot of water because it's hot out. Well. Now it's already to the point that I'm sitting in class and I think, "Hmm, I think I have to-- holy shit I'm going to pee my pants if I don't go NOW! NOW! NOW!!!" Also, I am always starving, except for this morning when my cereal felt slimy in my mouth and I couldn't finish it and then I got to clinic and felt horribly nauseous. It went away, but came back later when I was grocery shopping after class. If this is going to keep happening, it is going to be hard to keep it from my classmates, because three people this morning asked me why I looked so pale. Luckily we only have two days of class left, and then a month off to study for and take the boards.

Finally, smells are really bothering me. Like whoa. I went to feed my cat this morning and the smell of his dry food was absolutely overpowering and made me dry heave. He looked all disgustedly at me and I was like, okay Simba, sometimes I make dinner and you stand in front of it and scrape your paw like you're covering poop, so I think we're even.

This all seems rather early to me... from what I've read, none of it is supposed to start until about six weeks? I am only about five, I think (I am not sure). Anyone want to fill me in...? Maybe it's just anxiety? Because I definitely have, you know, a little bit of that going on.

Anyway. In clinic today (which was miserable, because it was my turn to have my teeth cleaned and whenever water touched the back of my throat I gagged), the guy in the operatory next to me asked the "patient" (another classmate) whether she had changes in her medical history from last time, and she yelled, "Yeah-- I got pregnant! HAHAHAHA!! I got pregnant!!" I gave her what must have been a mortified look because she said "Oh my God, Julia, I didn't really! That would suck so much!!" And then I said "Pardon me while I vomit in your lap." Okay, no, in real life I just made kind of a squeak noise. And then I forced myself to set my pointy dental tool down before I stabbed her in the eye.

So thanks again for being so supportive, ladies, it really helps when I have to face situations like that at school and I know what it's going to be like for me when I have to start telling people!

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