Monday, June 9, 2008

He's gone

Tyler left last night for Germany. He'll be back in about a week before he leaves for ND, but he'll only be home for less than 24 hours.

I am so sad. I miss him so much already. This is the second summer he's been away while we've lived together, but somehow it's worse this time. Maybe it's because I already know what it's going to be like, not sleeping with him, not eating with him, having him not come home at the end of the day. Maybe it's because I don't have a fun project this time (last summer, I was planning our wedding). I don't know... all I know is, I miss him!! Our dog Franklin is more upset than I am, though-- he's really attached to Tyler. He sighs a lot and flops down all over the place and looks at me with big sad eyes. He wouldn't even get out of bed when I got up this morning. Poor thing. At least Tyler will take him to ND with him once he gets back from Germany... how pathetic is it that I'm jealous of my dog!!

Anyway, I was moping all over the place before my exam this morning, and then I got kind of a wake-up call... and I had to remind myself that our situation isn't really that bad. I saw that one of my classmates wasn't there to take the test. His wife had their baby boy at 24 weeks about a week and a half ago, and the baby had heart surgery last Friday. I don't know how it went, but it wasn't a good sign that he wasn't there. I know the baby has been battling an infection and bleeding into his brain and all sorts of problems... my heart just breaks for them. They are both in their mid-30's, waited a long time to have a child while they got all sorts of education, and now this has to happen to them. On top of that, another classmate's wife is having a baby boy that's due almost exactly at the same time as the premature baby was due. It's just really sad. Anyway, it made me think twice about my little pity party, because some people have it much worse. That poor baby... I hope he's okay...

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