Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No leak here, ma'am

This is a little random, but I need to distract myself from my annoyingly still-numb bottom lip (today was local anesthesia, part II, and apparently my friend really got me good this time).

There has been a giant square hole covered with a plastic sheet in our bathroom ceiling for about six weeks now. The people in the apartment upstairs had an expensive fancy showerhead, which leaked, naturally, and made our ceiling fall in. The maintenance man's solution was to cut out the destroyed part of the ceiling and cover it with a trashy-looking plastic sheet until he was sure no more water was coming down before fixing the ceiling. Well, there hasn't been any water, but there hasn't been any ceiling-fixing action going down either (despite repeated requests). So today I came up with a game plan to get him to come back to fix the stupid thing.

I came home from clinic and went straight to the rental office. I thought maybe my white coat would intimidate them (I'm a dental student, bitches! Heed my white coat! Fix my ceiling!). I complained that my shower was leaking into the apartment downstairs. I thought that since the water leaking problem got his attention last time, it should get it again. It must have worked because the maintenance man arrived 5 minutes after I got back to my apartment. He went in and checked the shower. The verdict: "no leak here, ma'am." I said "huh... weird. Can you fix my ceiling now?" He gave me a dirty look and said he'd be back Friday at 9. SCORE!!!!

At least now I've figured out the secret to getting things fixed around here: trickery!

Also, for your viewing pleasure (?), here's a nice pic of me about to give my friend anesthesia:

Not sure how she let me stick a needle in her mouth with that creepy look on my face...

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