Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Note to self: self, you are not Superwoman

So I got up early this morning and I felt pretty good. No nausea to speak of, and I wasn't even really tired. I thought, this morning sickness stuff is a crock. I've just convinced myself to be sick because pregnant women are supposed to be sick. If I just distract myself and don't think about it, I'll be fine. So I started to clean the bathroom, and whoa, the smell of the cleaner about knocked me on my butt. I thought, okay, I will just go for my run. Five minutes in, I'm dry-heaving on the side of the path and the other early-morning runners are avoiding me like the plague. I wanted to yell, "believe me, it's not contagious!!"

I really haven't been taking it that easy since I found out I was pregnant. I mean, I have the boards in two weeks, and since Tyler isn't here I have to do everything myself, including finding a new apartment, so I figured I didn't have time to wallow. Well, I think I need to start slowing it down a bit. I've still been exercising every day, keeping the apartment really clean, visiting friends, and being really hard on myself for not studying 24/7 for the boards. In reality, I am getting plenty of studying done, and I still have two weeks left... and I really don't need to run every single day, and no one's gonna die if the apartment gets a speck of dust in it. I need to quit being so Type A. If possible.

And I'm going to start right now, by lying down! (With my anatomy flashcards. Baby steps, people.) Before I go, though, here's a nice pic of my cat Simba, trying to figure out why I find the toilet so interesting these days:

"Mom, why are you always kneeling on the floor and looking in here??"

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