Monday, July 14, 2008

Forgot this

I'm 7 weeks now. I meant to take belly pics every week and have miserably failed (did I really lose that mother of the year award already??)... so here is my 7w1d belly pic:


Do you love the bloat? I do. (Don't mind the skanky outfit, please.)

So I sat down on my couch after blogging earlier and thought hmmm, I think I'll reward myself for being done by watching Sex and the City all afternoon. Apparently, my body had other ideas because it replied "WHAM!!! Thanks for playing!!! Have a 4-hour coma-like sleep and a nice throbbing headache when you wake up!! P.S., no ibuprofen allowed!! Enjoy pregnancy!!" Ah, the joys.

Have lovely evenings everyone!

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