Monday, July 14, 2008

Back from boards

Well, I'm done! I took the test in four hours, which is only half of the time they allow for it. I don't know why they give you so much time-- seriously, it's all multiple choice and extremely either-you-know-it-or-you-don't.

And while I'm glad to be finished, I really didn't feel that great about the exam. There were a lot of answers I knew immediately, but it felt like a LOT of the time I had absolutely no clue what to put. They scale the test in an awesome way (I think you get a 40-something even if you get 0 questions right) and you need a 75 to pass, so I'm sure that I passed... but I have one of those irritating personalities that won't let me be proud of myself unless I feel like I've done really well. I definitely didn't do really well. Objectively I know I should be proud, considering everything that's been going on, but, well, I just don't. I am happy to be done with second year, though-- it's about time, middle of July!!

The morning sickness was pretty intense this morning, although I know it was made worse by the fact that I was so nervous. I dry-heaved a couple times getting in the car, so I sat down and said out loud, "You can't do that today." And then I drove to the testing center, went in, and asked the sign-in lady if I could have a trashcan next to me because I'm seven weeks pregnant and I've been sick in the mornings.

Her: "I'm sorry, no, you can't have a trashcan."

Me: "What... really??"

Her: "Mmmhmm... a trashcan would be an unfair advantage, so I can't allow you to have one."

Me: "A trashcan to throw up in is an unfair advantage???"

Her: "Sorry!"

Ugh. Whatever. So I had to leave the testing room and hurry over to the bathroom every time I felt sick. Luckily I didn't throw up, I really think it was mostly nerves, and I only had to leave three or four times. Still, though... isn't morning sickness really more of an unfair disadvantage?? I wanted to take her trashcan and upend it over her head.

So... done! I don't know what I'll do with all my free time now! My parents, as it turns out, aren't getting back from ND until tomorrow night, so I'm going there first thing Wednesday morning. I will probably do a lot of sleeping and watching movies before then! My ultrasound is Friday... I am trying to suppress the fear that I will come out of all this with nothing but an empty gestational sac and a mediocre boards score...

Now, I'm off to catch up on my blog reading and sleep!

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