Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Are you keeping it?"

This post is going to be a bit of a mish-mash and might not make much sense, but since my usual post-school activity involves lying on the carpet just inside the front door and playing dead, I think I'm doing pretty well today. [:)]

The blog title sums up my classmates' reactions to me being pregnant. Only one of them actually used that phrase, but it's pretty clear that they all are thinking it. It didn't exactly offend me when she asked, because I realize that if you don't have a problem with abortion, it's a reasonable question to ask (I would never, no matter what stage of my life I was at, but that's just me)... but when I told Tyler, he got all enraged. I told him that it doesn't speak to anything about us, only about her, and I just thought it was a strange question because why would I be telling her I was 9 weeks pregnant if I planned to terminate? But he was very offended, so I guess I will keep any other non-positive responses to myself. We are going to have to develop a pretty thick skin about this because none of our friends are even close to having babies. I think what offended him the most was the implication that keeping our child is a bad decision. Or at least that's what he saw it as.

I also told the dean of academic affairs at my school today. I wanted to be exempt from taking x-rays and using nitrous (laughing gas), and I figured I needed to get planning so that I can take maternity leave and still graduate on time. I was very nervous about telling him!! But his response was very positive, although he did choke on his coffee when I said "I'm pregnant." I think I shocked him a bit. Getting pregnant in dental school is a pretty ballsy move for a woman. But I wasn't apologetic at all, I just outlined my plan to him and he congratulated me and said it was fine and that he'd get me a dosimeter to measure radiation and he'd switch my rotation schedule around so that I can take maternity leave. It was a huge relief. I still have to tell the dean of students, but now that I know that the other dean is supportive, I feel confident enough.

And, I got my first patient scheduled for Monday! It's just a cleaning-- I wanted to make sure I got something easy in before I take on those extractions. You know, one of the many unexpected bright sides of my pregnancy is that I am no longer afraid of clinic. It's something I've always wanted to do, and while I'll be nervous with my first few patients, I am more anxious about not getting enough done in time for the baby. So I just feel determined. To get in there and get going, and to do well. Maybe because it's not just for me anymore.

Finally, my 9-week belly pic:



Looks pretty similar to 7 weeks, right down to the skank shorts. [:)] I have to admit I feel a little silly taking these, since it's definitely bloat and not baby (you can only see that little bump when I relax completely, and it's not there at all in the morning), but I'm sure I'll appreciate them when I'm huge.

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