Thursday, August 14, 2008

Slowly sharing the news

Now that I've heard the baby's heartbeat on the doppler, I've started telling people at school that I'm pregnant. I've really only gotten two negative responses so far (both from faculty members), and the few classmates I've told have been really excited and supportive. It's sweet that my classmates are so psyched for me and Tyler, and I've even had a few offers to babysit already! [:)]

I just have to share the meeting I had with the dean of students, though... I expected him to be weird about it, because he's just an awkward man and he also blatantly dislikes women. And, well, he's just kind of mean, and I don't really like him. So first of all, he didn't even show up to the first meeting I scheduled with him (wtf). He did, however, show up for the rescheduled one:

Dean: So what are we meeting about?

Me: Well, I'm pregnant.

Dean: ::raises eyebrows, long awkward silence:: Oh. ::more silence:: Well, not many people do that here.

Me: (suppressing an eye-roll and wondering what the correct response is) Yeah...

Dean: Well, I guess it's possible.

Me: (trying really hard not to reach over and bash his face into his desk) I've booked myself into clinic through the beginning of October, I'm doing my best to front-load the year so that I can take six weeks of leave.

Dean: Mmm... so... what do you want me to do about it?

Me: Uh, nothing... (other dean) asked me to inform you, and I need to be exempt from the nitrous lab.

Dean: Okay. ::awkward pause:: So are you finding out what it is?

Uh... what??? Don't pretend like you care. Or maybe he's just so awkward that he didn't know what to say to me. Either way, I was disappointed by his response, but I didn't really expect anything because I know what he's like. Oh well. The other negative response was from my team leader, who I knew wouldn't be thrilled, and anyway to be fair there was someone else in her office when I went to tell her so I had to just hand her an "excused absence" form for her to sign that said "OB appointment" on it. Nice, Julia. Smooth way of announcing it. She just raised her eyebrows and said "Oh!" in a kind of disapproving way, stared at my midsection, and handed the slip back to me. Sigh. After these meetings, I have to just go out in the hall and put my hand on my little belly and remind myself that it doesn't matter what they think...

In other baby news, I scheduled my 20-week ultrasound! It's on October 20. I can't wait to see the baby again. We won't be finding out the sex, but it will be so exciting to see that little baby profile like you always see on those pictures... and this time it will be my baby's profile! Squeeeeee!!

And, only about 24 hours until Tyler comes home!!!!!!!!!! Once he gets here, it's time to start moving into our new apartment. I'm so unbelievably excited for all of these changes. It seemed so overwhelming for so long, but now I just feel... ready somehow.

UPDATE: I'm really sad... Tyler just called and said he's driving out instead of flying, because his parents are giving us one of their cars. I've been driving a '93 Geo Prizm since I was 17 (it's named Big Red... I'm really attached to it, but it's not at all safe for a baby). I'm thrilled about the car, don't get me wrong, but I am just sad that I've been counting down the hours until tomorrow night and now he won't be here until Saturday afternoon. Oh well-- I need to just be happy that we don't have to buy a new car.

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