Sunday, August 24, 2008

Goodbye, Big Red

What a busy weekend! Last night, Tyler and I threw an engagement party for our good friends (we are both in the wedding party) and I think it was a huge success. About 18 people came, I think, so it was a lot of work for a sick pregnant girl! We made tons of appetizers and everyone really seemed to love the food and appreciate how much work we put into it all. The menu included: deviled eggs, chips and salsa, veggies and dip, cocktail shrimp, crab-stuffed mushrooms, double tomato bruschetta, chicken wings, and some desserts made by some of my girlfriends. Oh yeah, and sangria and beer to drink. We ended up leaving early (around 10:30) because I'm still hit pretty hard with this cold, but apparently people stayed the whole night and partied until about 3, so we did our job and people must have had fun!

Today, we went to my parents' house to check out all the baby stuff they've gotten us at yard sales, and to exchange cars. I know I shouldn't let myself think this because it's so generous of them to give us my mom's Subaru (she did need a new car anyway, but still, they could have traded it in!), but I was really sad to give up my Big Red. It's such a crappy little car, but I bought it myself with my own money when I was 17 and it's hardly ever given me any problems. Everyone hated the idea of me driving around in a '93 Geo Prizm, pregnant and in the snow, and I guess I agree... and I definitely did not want to put a carseat in it. So it's for the best, but today I am kind of mourning my little red Big Red. I wanted to name the new car Doublemint, since it's green and I like to name my cars after chewing gum, but Tyler said that was a stupid name. I think I am naming it that anyway. [:)]

So, it was an insane weekend, and with this disgusting cold I don't really feel recharged for the week ahead (people, just let me have my NyQuil, already...) but I am sure I will plow through it like always. Oh, and here's the 12-week belly pic I promised (although they're a little overdue at 12w3d). You can see my new haircut in it, kinda. I really needed something to make me feel pretty, since my skin is a wreck and I'm in that fat-looking stage that comes before true baby belly:



Hope everyone had great weekends that were much more relaxing than mine! [:)]

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