Thursday, August 14, 2008

I don't get what I did to deserve all this

I really don't. I am not really an especially good person and I am honestly confused as to why the universe and everyone I know have just decided to arrange themselves in order to make me happy.

I called my parents last night to let them know Tyler wouldn't be home until Saturday, and I told them it was because he was bringing the car (I've known about this car for awhile, but him driving it out was a last-minute thing, which was why I was so bummed about it). My mom said, "Oh, but we wanted to give you my Subaru!" I couldn't believe it. She said they really didn't want me driving around pregnant in the snow in my little car, and the Subaru has 4-wheel drive and would also be much safer for a baby. I thanked her profusely until she probably wanted to tell me to shut up, and then called Tyler and told him, and now he's getting on a plane in South Dakota to come back here tonight.

How does all this work out for me?? I got into my first choice college, my first choice dental school, met the perfect man and married him, my doctor told me I was likely infertile but I got pregnant without trying, found out I was pregnant a week before my lease ran out and found the perfect new apartment just up the street, and now my parents and my in-laws are practically throwing new (well, new to us) cars at our feet!! I totally knew I was being whiny when I was upset Tyler wasn't coming home tonight, but I seriously only had to whine for about 20 minutes before my parents solved that problem, which really wasn't that big in the first place. I am seriously so stunned by all this amazing luck and love that I'm having trouble articulating how I'm feeling.

So... Tyler will be home tonight! Seriously, how did I get to deserve to be so spoiled??

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