Monday, October 6, 2008

Extractions, babies, and boobs

Well, I took out my first tooth today! It was so exciting, I felt like a real live dentist. Specifically, an oral surgeon. Who only takes out nice easy teeth in the bottom jaw, with lots of bone loss around them and a professor watching over my shoulder the entire time. [:)]

No, like the professor said, I should give myself credit-- I did the injections all by myself and they were spot on because she got numb right away, and I took out the tooth and put a suture in all by myself. I was thrilled. I wanted to do a victory dance around the room, holding the tooth above my head and flinging blood all around, but something told me, Julia, that would not be appropriate. So I settled for a big happy grin behind my mask as I set that big honking molar down on the tray. It was very satisfying, and almost made me not mind that I still haven't had five minutes to myself to stop by the dean's office and get the dirty details on taking time off.

So that's school. I'm booked solid for almost the next two months, so I don't know when I'm going to get time to see the dean! In pregnancy news, I've started getting these migraines... which I used to get occasionally before I was pregnant, but they are really monstrous now. It's this horrible throbbing pain in my temples, often accompanied by really scary tunnel vision. I had one almost the entire week last week, it just refused to go away. I kept calling my doctor and they kept suggesting Tylenol (which did nothing for it), so finally I just quit calling them and suffered through it. It was pretty horrendous... maybe they are related to my seasonal allergies and will get better soon. That's what I'm hoping for, anyway.

This weekend, we took our dog Franklin to his first obedience school class. He's a really stubborn little dog (miniature dachsund), and he will bite me if I try to get him to do something he doesn't want to do, so we decided he was going to need some training before the baby comes. He was actually pretty good. I was picturing a horrific scene where he bites the instructor, all the other dogs in the class and their owners, gets loose and tears around the store, knocks down all the shelves and everything on them, and somehow set the entire building on fire... culminating with Tyler and me getting arrested and him getting sent to the pound. You know, best-case scenario. But he wasn't too bad. He did bark at all the other dogs and people, and probably would have bitten the instructor if she had insisted on making him sit, but by the end of the class he was sitting for a treat and walking on a loose leash, so I have some hope for little Franklin. We'll see how the rest of his classes go.

Also this weekend, Tyler and I did a lot of work on the nursery! It looks really cute, I'll try to get some pictures up. We (okay, he) put up the bumblebee wallpaper border, and I finally caved and let him put up the crib. Our glider and changing table came in the mail last week, so we put those together too. It's all cherry wood, which looks great with the light yellow bumblebee color scheme. I love going in there and sitting in the glider while I look around the room, imagining what our baby will look like and thinking about how it will live there in just a few months. Our big ultrasound is coming up (just two more weeks), and it's getting hard to resist the temptation to ask what the sex is! But we are going to stay strong. I just want that super-romantic moment of Tyler telling me "it's a __!" in the delivery room, rather than having an ultrasound tech tell us while I'm laying on a metal table somewhere. I'm not great at delayed gratification, but I can do this... hey, I'm waiting through more than 20 years of school to get my degree, so I can wait a couple months to find out whether I'm carrying a daughter or a son, right?? Tell me to hold out, ladies, my resolve is weakening!!

So that's it for 18-19 weeks-ish. We're probably going to register sometime in the next few weeks too... another thing I'm really excited for! The second trimester is kind of boring in some ways, but it has its good points too. I love feeling the baby kick around in my belly. It's started to do this squirmy thing whenever I'm in lab (can't really blame it, there are 40 dental drills going at once in there), so that's a little bit of a weird feeling. Tyler still can't feel it from the outside, though, I'm still waiting for that!

Oh yeah, and to follow-up on an earlier issue... to my boobs, if you're reading this: ladies, I appreciate that all is in good working order, I'm really happy about that. But it's getting a little uncomfortable, so it would be great if you could quit testing out the merchandise, if you get what I'm saying. Just hang tight until you're needed (that would be sometime around March 5.) Sweet. Thanks. Kisses.

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