Monday, October 20, 2008

Big ultrasound!

Here are some pics of our baby-to-be from the big ultrasound today... we are so in love!

2D u/s 1

Classic profile shot

2D u/s 2

It was head-down for the first half, and did a somersault and was head-up for the second half!

3D u/s 1

I can't even stand how cute that is, except the arm looks a bit freaky...

3D u/s 2

This picture looks 100% exactly like me as a baby. At least, as much as you can tell on a blurry ultrasound pic.

3D u/s 3

Don't stick your tongue out at your parents!!

3D u/s 4

Why'd you guys have to wake me up...

And that's it! Well, there are other ones, but if you're really interested you'll have to check Facebook, assuming we are friends there. Those are the highlights, anyway. It was so incredibly exciting... the coolest part was feeling baby kick and punch and watching baby kick and punch at the same time! I also discovered why I only feel movement on my right side-- it's because my placenta is hanging out on the left.

It was so hard not to find out the sex, especially when she asked right before we went into the room if we wanted to know. But, we did it, and now we will all have our nice surprise in March! The baby was measuring right on with my original due date (the one given by my early ultrasound, not my LMP date) which is March 5.

Now I need to go study, if I can concentrate on periodontology without constantly staring at the baby's little face! (This is unlikely.) I have been on cloud 9 all afternoon...


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