Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy V-day to me! (I mean, us)

Well, I'm about half a week late on this, but Thursday was viability day for baby. At 24 weeks, fetuses (feti?) are officially considered viable outside the womb, so happy V-day to my little boy or girl!

Here's what I'm looking like these days...

Apparently the baby is having a growth spurt, because I can see a huge difference between this pic and my last one at 22 weeks... even though I learned at the doctor on Saturday that somehow I only gained a pound this month! (Obviously, this gives me free reign to eat ridiculously massive amounts of food for the next month. Mmmmmm.)

So, viability... objectively, it's an exciting milestone, but honestly it scares me a little bit because my classmate's wife had that baby at 24 weeks sometime back in June, and the poor baby is still in the hospital. I guess seeing what they've gone through with such a tiny preemie really makes me think, wow, this is for real now. I'm actually at a point where this baby could be born and survive-- with a lot of medical help and heartache. Don't get me wrong, though, I am excited and relieved to be here safely at 24 weeks and counting!

Not much else is new here. I have one more week of school left and then we leave next Tuesday for North Dakota to visit Tyler's parents. I can't wait!! I've been in school since the end of July without a break, so I really, really need this time off. And I was lucky enough to get fabulous in-laws, so I can't wait to see them either.


Ashley T said...

Your definately all belly girl! I notice a difference in your belly pics too, and your looking really great! ;)

Erin M said...

You look great! I can definitely notice a big difference between this one and your last one too!

MiMi said...

you look great! Your belly is so cute! I "paged" you today on the nest but you were probably already gone. Glad your taking a vacation and relaxing!

Susan said...

Looking good! Your little one is definitely getting bigger. : )