Sunday, September 7, 2008

Maybe I'm crazy...

But I swear I felt the baby move!! I was lying in bed last night and I felt this feeling like a fish flopping in my lower belly. I sat bolt upright and begged baby to do it again, but I didn't feel anything else for the rest of the night, so I figured it was probably a muscle twitch or something. It was like nothing I've ever felt before, but then again, I have felt a lot of weird new feelings since being pregnant.

Then today, I was out to lunch with my mom and I took a big gulp of ice water. A couple seconds later, I felt it again! And then a few minutes later, sort of a tapping feeling from inside. I couldn't believe it! I am 14w3d today, which is so early to feel movement, especially for a first baby, but I don't know what else I could be feeling. (It's not gas! [:P]) I can't wait until I can feel it move all the time and be sure that it's the baby... it is such an exciting feeling.

Okay, update on the apartment situation: thank you ladies so much for all your wonderful advice on my last post. I definitely would have taken it and gotten legal help, but it turns out I didn't need to because I went back to the place and literally begged them and explained the situation. (And, okay, I might have cried a little bit for extra sympathy.) They had to contact some corporate guy and explain it to him, and he said that I could move on the 13th (the day I had gotten everyone to help us move) to a different apartment, and he would waive the transfer fee. Phew!! It was a huge relief. So now we (or I should say I, until Tyler gets home from Oregon tomorrow) are packing stuff up and just waiting for moving day. The new place is in a much nicer spot-- you can walk in on the ground floor in the front, which is nice because we'll have a stroller, but the back is raised up so it's a balcony up off the ground level (essentially the opposite of the place I didn't like). And, it faces the woods instead of a busy road, so it's much quieter and safer. I feel good about it and I can't wait to move now.

And, here are my 14-week belly pics-- they were taken at 14w0d, but I happened to be lazy that day and didn't post them...



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