Sunday, February 13, 2011

Butterfly, Flutterby

Caroline's second birthday party was last weekend! It was butterfly-themed. Here are a few pics for your enjoyment... I didn't go all-out decorating like I did last year, but I did have boards the next day so that's my excuse. We all had a great time!

I'm two and I'm ready to party! And my mom's living room is a mess!

Cupcake #1: 10:00am. Just wasn't worth the tantrum. Few things are, to me, honestly.

Caroline and Papa (my dad).

She got a whoooole lot of presents... and a whooooole lot of Play Doh.

We had a butterfly pinata full of candy, which was especially popular with the dental students/dentists who were present... ironic?

Mom, why are you trying to BURN ME?!

There you have it... the butterfly party. Some year she will have a party that isn't some kind of bug theme. I guess I figure I'd better get in a bunch of non-pink-princess parties while I still can!


edmo said...

After my first son's first birthday, he got a cupcake for breakfast the next morning. I also thought it wasn't worth withholding it from him!

MJS said...

Julia! I am so amazed to see how grown up she is since the last pictures! I can't believe it's been two years already. I feel like it was just yesterday that you were posting about being pregnant! (But, tell you something you don't know, right? hehe)... Anyway,what a cutie, and a very lovely b-day party. :) Keep up the great work. Really, you're such a good mom (cupcake at 10am included! Yay!). Best, MJS