Monday, February 8, 2010

Ladybug, ladybug

We had Caroline's first birthday party yesterday at my parents' house, with a ladybug theme. Here are a few pics. It went really well, and everyone seemed to have a great time!

Cupcakes, jellybean guessing game, and red and black licorice. I showed Caroline that bow after I made it and she clapped her hands for me. Ahh. I've trained her well.

This banner was theoretically easy to make. Unless you don't buy enough ribbon and have to cut it into pieces, and then the pieces all fall apart when you try to hang it, and then you beg your husband to go out and buy more ribbon at 8pm because you have to study for a final on Monday. And then you still don't have enough so you just hot-glue the whole thing together.

Me, getting ready for the party while Caroline took her pre-party nap (the nap timing worked out perfectly, which thrilled me)

Dining room table, before we set out the food. It was a brunch party, so we had three different quiches, an oven-baked French toast dish, a huge fruit salad, and assorted breads and pastries. YUM. Oh, and cupcakes for dessert, of course. Also, that Mylar ladybug balloon was by far Caroline's favorite part of the day. She would look at it and laugh hysterically, then do something else for a minute, then look back up at it and crack up again. And repeat endlessly.

Opening presents. Yesss, a book!!
You can't really tell, but her skirt was this adorable little black tulle thing with ruffles.

She loved this birthday card, more so than a lot of her presents.

Ditto for the wrapping paper:

One of her favorite gifts: a giant penguin, bigger than she is:

And finally, she wasn't a huge fan of cake, but at least she tried it! Look at those chub cheeks.

Overall, her first party was a big success. She bounced around maniacally from the sugar high for a little while afterwards, then passed out for hours... and woke up ready to play with all her new presents!

For my part, I did better than I expected. I thought I'd tear up at least while singing "happy birthday" to her, but I didn't. The only time I got a little teary was when I went out to put balloons on my parents' mailbox and thought about how many birthday parties I'd had as a little girl with balloons on the same mailbox. I am lame and cheesy like that.


Susan said...

I love the decorations!!! It looks like she had a blast. Oh and Emilia has that same book and loves it!

Anonymous said...

You are not lame and cheesy. Well maybe cheesy, but not lame! What a wonderful birthday party, and you did so well with the theme!!

HarmSkills said...

Happy Birthday Caroline! looks like the party was a big success.

Kat said...

Love the ladybug theme! And great pictures. :) looks like it was an awesome party!

Ashley T said...

Such a cute theme idea! :)

Caroline looks like one happy little lady. I cannot believe she's 1.

Lauren said...

Everything looked great! Caroline is too cute!

Stefani said...

What a cute theme!! Looks like a great 1st birthday :) I nominated you for an award on my blog, come visit! :)

Baby Forcine said...

Hi, I came across your blog from another and your daughter is adorable. I was wondering-where did you get the ladybug outfit? I have an expectant friend whose "theme" is ladybugs and would love to get her something just like that outfit!
Thanks, Madison

KELSEY C. said...

she is SO cute!!!

Julia said...

Thanks everyone! :)

Baby Forcine, the outfit was from Baby Gap, but I think the collection is not there anymore. Janie & Jack does have an adorable ladybug collection for spring, though, and I think it is on sale now! Good luck!