Sunday, March 27, 2011

So, I have a confession

Ah, internet. You and I are pretty tight these days. (That's what she said.) Let me confess something to you.

I try not to do too many trainwrecky stereotypical just-divorced type things. You know, like stay out too late and drink too much with my girlfriends on weekends I don't have Caroline... or make out with a very cute younger man... not that I've done either of those things, ever. Anyway it's not like he wasn't legal or something, gawd. But on occasion, you just have to do something crazy. This weekend was one of those times.

I went and got my nose pierced.

To be fair, it wasn't that spur-of-the-moment. I've toyed with the idea of getting one since college, but never had the balls to go for it. I figured, now's the time, right? I found a place that looked clean and had this hip art-gallery vibe to it, and walked right in there and got a needle stuck through my nostril. Ten minutes later I was back on the street with this thing in my nose, walking past a psychiatrist's office back to my car and thinking that the shrink would possibly have been a better call at that juncture? But hey, whatever. Seize the day, bitches.

And I kind of... love it. I think I'll love it even more when I can take the initial stud out and put a teeny little sparkle in there. I'm turning 27 next week, I'm divorced, I have a child, and yesterday I woke up and I just really, really needed to get my nose pierced.

So I just went ahead and did it. It's funny how a tiny piece of metal can make me feel like a whole new (and totally badass) me.


edmo said...

Just hope Caroline doesn't try to pull it out of your nose! I can't even change my earrings without my boys constantly touching my ears.

MJS said...

You look great! I'd think it was awesome if my dentist had a nose ring! ;)

...Did it hurt a lot? I feel like a needle through the nostril would be extra painful, eh?

Anyway, go you! Very fun. :)

Amanda said...

I LOVE IT! Good for you! I've always wanted to get my nose pierced but I don't think I will ever have the balls to do it!

Julia said...

Thanks ladies! Edmo, I know, I was thinking that. She hasn't seen it yet... hopefully she doesn't grab at it. MJS, it only hurt for a second while she pierced it and then it was just a little sore. I did whack it by accident as I was waking up this morning and that hurt like a biotch (and it bled a little too). It'll heal though!