Wednesday, January 28, 2009

35 weeks and a new discovery

Tyler's closet!

Maternity clothes are such a pain. I tried to buy pants wayyyy back when I totally thought I was showing, because OMG just LOOK at this 16-week belly, I look soooo pregnant!! (Uh... no.) Anyway, when I bought them, I tried to think ahead and get pants that would last me the whole pregnancy by getting them in size huge. Turns out I am apparently not ever going to reach size huge, and those pants still look like clown pants at 8 months pregnant. So I've ended up constantly wearing the one pair from the Gap that I bought "to hold me over" until I got into the bigger sizes, and I'm too cheap to buy any more.

Shirts, on the other hand... I have about 4 shirts left that are long enough to cover my belly. Again, I refuse to buy more shirts with just over a month left until my due date. But Tyler's closet has tons of shirts that are definitely long enough, if I'm willing to roll up the sleeves and don't mind looking like I'm wearing a tent (I do not mind. All I do is sit at home anyway). Score!!! Besides, swimming in his clothes makes me feel like a little tiny person again, something I miss very much.

So, 35 weeks. It seems like it's getting so close now! I had one wonderful baby shower that my friend threw for all the dental girls, and a lot of girls came. Her fiance is an amazing cook so the food was delicious, and everyone was so generous with the gifts. Every single thing we got, we really really needed! It was so good to see everyone too, since I don't see them at school anymore. I am smiling just thinking about it. I'd post pictures, but I didn't take any and I haven't seen any on Facebook yet so I'll have to hold off on that. Some of my mom's friends are throwing me another shower this Sunday, so I'm really excited for that. My mother-in-law is even flying out from North Dakota to come to it! She'll be here tomorrow, I can't wait to see her. She's the best... she flew 2000 miles to surprise me at my bridal shower not too long ago, and now she's doing it again for my baby shower! I'll definitely make sure to get some pictures from this shower and post them.

After the shower this weekend, it's go time-- time to pick up anything else we need, make sure we have enough little green and yellow onesies and sleepers, and organize the nursery before this baby decides to make its appearance. 35 weeks marks the end of the terbutaline for me, so who knows when that will be?

Oh. I forgot. We might know exactly when that will be, because my doctor thinks the baby is currently breech. I haven't had an ultrasound to confirm; I will have that at my next appointment if the doctor still thinks the head is up. She said babies can usually flip up to 36 weeks, so I've been doing all sorts of crazy pelvic tilts and positions and bouncing on an exercise ball... we'll see if any of it works (I am skeptical, especially since I can still feel that little head poking up from under my ribcage. Maybe it's a butt??).

So send me some good baby-flipping vibes, because a c-section realllly is not what I'm after here! I'm not going to do an external version (where they try to flip the baby by manipulating your belly) for various reasons, so if the baby is still breech in a week, I guess we will be scheduling that c-section. Until then, here's hoping baby figures out which way is down!


Susan said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful shower! I think yellow and green onesies are two of the nicest colors because they are so much more unexpected than blue or pink. Happy 35 weeks, and good luck getting baby to flip! : )

PharmDmom2be said...

I thought that it was the baby's head in my ribcage, until the ultrasound showed me it was his butt!!hang in there Momma you'll be done before you know it and have a baby in your arms!! (and on your boob!)

Deirdre said...

You'll know when baby flips - Where are you feeling your kicks? Mine were all very low down, had my appointment on a Monday and he was breech, then the kicks were up high all of a sudden, and by that Thursday he'd flipped and stayed head down from then on. I could still feel a big bum sticking out up top, though! Good luck! And well done on the surprise baby thing, we did the same and had a little boy last week :)