Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cloth diaper info and reviews

Wow, it's been forever since I blogged! We're back in Connecticut, Caroline is 6 months old, she's eating solid food, she's sitting up unassisted... I have a million things to talk about. But tonight I will just link you to my friend Kari's blog, The Baby Standard, where I just wrote a guest blogger post about cloth diapers. Several of you have asked me for info on this, so I hope it is helpful!

Good to be back, and I promise I'll update soon, and more frequently!


jCam said...

Julia, thank you SO much for that post! It was so informative, but not too long to read hahaha... I have bookmarked it, and plan to show it to my husband to help my argument in favor of CDing :-)

Ashley said...

You are back!!! Yay!!!

MJS said...

Yay! SO happy you are back! :)

Troy & Amy said...

WooHoo!!!! You're back! You were def missed!