Sunday, December 21, 2008

29 weeks: maternity photos

Well, Tyler and I have been snowed in for the last couple of days, so we've been passing the time by organizing the nursery (pics soon, it's almost done!) and taking a few amateur maternity pics to remember my hugeness by...

I wanted to take them before I got too enormous and bloated, and before any stretch marks developed (I know they're coming, I just don't know when)... we don't want to scare anyone, now do we? :) Seriously though, strangers have been looking at my belly and saying "awww, how exciting, a Christmas baby!" Fortunately, I have so far restrained myself from following this up with a nice big Christmas kick to the shins.

Happy holidays to everyone!


MiMi said...

Julia! You look great mama!! How are you feeling? We have not had any snow. =( I was hoping we would get at least a little here in Virginia...
Are you excited about being a SAHM?
I will be also!
So we have to keep each other sane via internet!

Take Care!

How are the contractions?

Susan said...


The pics are gorgeous! You look so beautiful. : ) Happy Holidays to you and Tyler!

Lisa said...

Hi Julia,

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Happy Holidays!


Kat said...

I wish I had gotten pics done. :( They're always great to look back one. They look great! Have a good one. :D