Friday, May 30, 2008

First post: de-lurking

I've been lurking on the Nest blogs for a little while (I love reading them!) and I started to feel like if I'm going to read all about your lives, I'd better put my own out there too for anyone who's interested.

About me: I'm 24, just got married in September (well, I guess it isn't really "just" anymore), and I'm just finishing up my second year of dental school. My husband is a paleontologist. Yes, like Ross from Friends. I like to run, cook, read celebrity gossip, do root canals, and procrastinate. I'm loving married life and looking forward to getting my first patients this summer. Okay, actually I'm kind of terrified of drilling real people's teeth, but that will have to be a topic for another day.

So that's a little bit about me. Looking forward to sharing!

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